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In a nutshell, The DJ Revolution is a dance music culture website & news service for DJs & dance music fans (that's over on our parent website). We’re a small team of passionate DJs, music producers, and dance music enthusiasts based out of Australia.

That's me with house & techno legend Carl Cox and one of our awesome editors here in Sydney...

The DJ Revolution meets with Carl Cox

What about the store?

I always enjoy wearing something a bit different, either behind the decks or when I go to a music event. For me, it's usually a T-shirt that acts as a conversation starter. One that let's everyone know it's time to party!

With this in mind, as well as for DJs, I thought the store would be a great way to help dance music fans connect with more like-minded individuals.

When you make a purchase from the store, you’re directly helping to fund our operation. This allows us to continue providing (and improving) services just like this one for the wider dance music community.

As a business, we believe in giving back, which is why we're committed to donating a percent of our profits to charity each year; occasionally re-evaluating the recipients to consider who is the most in need at a particular time.

From all of our team here, we sincerely appreciate your support and hope you'll find something cool to wear for your next party or DJ gig, or even just for out-and-about or at home.

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